Fresh every day

Homemade is our motto.

Hovey & Harrison’s bakery supplies the establishment with a variety of breads and pastries on display and available to purchase at the counter. Don’t even try to resist the high-quality, European grain and sourdough culture breads, and enjoy tasting treats like muffins, cookies, tarts and various other baked delicacies. It’s such a pleasure to sit down and settle in while savoring a pastry and mug of freshly brewed coffee. Sharing the table with a friend? Be sure to order some monkey bread.

How it works

how do we make this stuff?

Bakers at Hovey & Harrison feed the live culture bread starters flour and water every day.

The bakery uses minimal mechanical methods, so everything is made by the hands of bakers.

All the flour used is 100% natural with nothing added to it. It's just well-grown wheat.